Volunteer Opportunities

As described in more detail below, there are many opportunities to make a difference by giving of your time to the Y-CAP.

If you would like to volunteer or have questions regarding Y-CAP Branch YMCA volunteer opportunities, you may contact the Y-CAP Branch Administrative Offices at 901.746.9411 or e-mail the Memphis Y-CAP program at or the DeSoto County Y-CAP program at


Volunteers needed to meet at program site at least 1 hour per week (Memphis or DeSoto County) to help Y-CAP students with homework and/or academics. The youth are from ages 10 through 15 and are in grades 4 through 9. Volunteers must sign confidentiality waivers regarding youth. Nine-week minimum commitment required.

Cook and Deliver

Individuals or groups needed to prepare meals for Y-CAP family nights or snacks for special events. Snacks for special events may include such things as cupcakes for birthdays or graduations. This may be a one-time commitment or a long-term relationship. Some budgeting skills required in order to keep food cost within specified limits. Volunteers also needed to help serve and clean up after family night dinner.

Bus Aide and Bus Assistant

Volunteers needed to accompany program staff on bus trips to pick up and drop off the Y-CAP youth. Volunteers needed at both Y-CAP program sites (Memphis and DeSoto County).

General Office Worker

Volunteers needed for light office duties. Ability to type, collate, copy, familiar with Word Processing software, and filing are helpful but not required.

Curriculum Developer

Volunteers needed to help organize, develop, research, and secure curriculum resources for adolescent social skills training and academic enhancement (value education, art education, etc.) This position can be done outside of the office on the Internet, the library, or other resource areas. Some experience with youth or the social service field is helpful but not required.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers needed to help maintain records of volunteer applications and volunteer hours. In addition, the volunteer coordinator will assist with recruiting volunteers as needed for specific areas. Six-month commitment required.

Guest Speaker

Volunteers needed to talk or facilitate discussion on a variety of subjects to parents, youth, and staff. This may be a one-time commitment or a long-term relationship. Please contact the Y-CAP branch administrative offices if you have applicable topic ideas.

Donations Recruiters

Volunteers needed to secure small tangible donations for our Y-CAP incentive store for motivational purposes and positive rewards for youth and parents.


Volunteers needed to help secure financial assistance for the ongoing goals of Y-CAP and to increase our support for new service areas. Ability to present and deliver information over the phone and in person is required.

Social Work Student Volunteer or Social Work Intern

Volunteer opportunities available for University of Memphis and Lemoyne-Owen College social work students (Memphis site only). Students can complete a 30-hour volunteer commitment with the Y-CAP program for their social work class 2910. The 30 hours would include a general program overview with students observing and participating in program time, planning and office work. Opportunities are also available for a year long volunteer social work internship. Check with Program Director for availability.

If you’d like to give your monetary support to the Y-CAP to help at-risk youth become productive members of the community, donate now.