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The primary purpose of Restore, and Journey to Freedom small groups is to help you uncover what is at the root of your issues in spirit, mind, and body, and, to gently challenge these unhealthy patterns in which you find yourself stuck. Join a small group to explore areas of your life that need change, growth, or healing. Within these safe, completely confidential spaces, you’ll build authentic relationships while gaining hope for what’s next.

In Journey to Freedom, you’ll work to make positive changes for your spirit, mind and body. This small group setting offers help to anyone with challenges related to:

• How to implement lasting change
• Coping with Anxiety and depression
• Your life isn’t where you want it to be
• Working through Grief and loss
• Personal and professional relationships
• Developing and Maintaining a proper Self-worth and Self-image
• Understanding the roots of Substance abuse and addiction




About the program

During the eight weeks of group meeting time, you’ll participate in honest and completely confidential small-group discussions, read, reflect, find support and heal. The goal of the program is to build community and support successful life change in a safe space. But, what does that look like?

Here’s what you can expect:

• You’ll be part of a small group of six to 10 people—choose to participate in a co-ed or gender-specific group.
• Your small group will be a safe, supportive, caring and confidential environment.
• Your group will meet once a week for 90 minutes for eight consecutive weeks.
• During meetings, your group will talk and voluntarily share with the guidance of trained facilitators.
• In addition to meetings, you’ll be reading a book—which is included with your registration.

And here are some things that intentionally won’t be part of your experience:

• You won’t be forced to share if you aren’t comfortable doing so.
• You won’t receive advice, therapy or crisis intervention from group facilitators.



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Getting Involved

Currently groups meet at the Olive Branch Family YMCA, The YMCA at Schilling Farms, and The YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South Association Support Center. Anyone age 18 and older can register—including YMCA members and non-members. Cost is $12 per person.


Olive Branch Family YMCA
8555 Goodman Olive Branch, MS 38654
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YMCA at Schilling Farms
1185 Schilling Boulevard East Collierville, TN 38017
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Association Support Center
6373 Quail Hollow Rd. Memphis, TN 38120
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How it can help

Rooted in the historic Christian principles of the YMCA, Journey to Freedom is for those interested in living a life full of joy and peace. Please read below to hear from past participants who have benefited greatly from joining a group.


“The group has really helped me figure out my feelings about my ‘family stuff’ and begin the process of letting go of some of the unrealistic expectations I’ve had for many years. Now at the end of the group time I feel like I know what my next steps are and have established a clear path for the future.”


“I felt like a failure, that weight loss and healthy eating was something I could never accomplish. Now I know that I’m ‘training’ vs. ‘trying’ and that God, and others I’ve meet on this journey, will be there help me in this area of my life, too.”


“I had a lot of depression and anxiety issues throughout my life. The class really helped me, especially the ‘reformation’ vs. ‘transformation’ discussion. It was really liberating, and confidence-building to think I can continue on my own now. This is the first plan I’ve ever made that wasn’t deprivation-based.”


“I joined Journey to Freedom to find what genuinely brings me joy and to start making myself a priority again. I found a sincere trust in these women. I thought that it was great that we were all in different stages of life and we could all relate in so many ways, bringing different perspectives to the group. The group has really helped with my personal growth, allowing me to let go of some of my need to be perfect, developing a better body image, and learning to relax regarding things that are out of my control.”


“Participating in Journey to Freedom was a life-changing experience for me. The group helped me understand that holding in my grief was hurting not only me, but those who loved me most. By participating in the weekly sessions, I was able to release some of this emotion within a supportive group of people. The group helped me to look forward into the future in a way that will honor my mom’s memory while at the same time I now see how I am able to move forward with my family and my career.”